The Retrosexual Code of Conduct

Oleh: Jesse
April 20, 2012

The retrosexuales, as I mentioned, on occasion, do not lose sight of the male models of the past.

They are governed by a concept of elegance adjusted Latino male, but with certain air of modernity.

Here we discuss some typical features of its code of behavior:

  • A retrosexual just crying for your sports team,but the reality is that rather unloaded with a string of expletives or crashing the remote control. It may also mourn the loss of their favorite pet.
  • A Retrosexual does not use skin care products or hair like a woman.
  • A Retrosexual does not dress according to the latest trend, but even if you have more than 30.
  • In the closet of a retrosexua l can find designer clothes, comfortable shoes and clothing without bright colors basic and mostly dark.
  • A Retrosexual knows how to make a Windsor knot when using tie – and ONLY a Windsor knot.
  • Do not shave very often, do not go to the gym, do not mind having beer belly and before going to the hairdresser prefer to enjoy a good meal.
  • Having a scar is a source of pride.
  • A Retrosexual will have hobbies that his wife and mother did not understand, but which are essential to their masculinity, for example, hunting, shooting, boxing mechanics.
  • A Retrosexual does not need a contract, a handshake is enough. He will always fulfill his word, unless circumstances change, or to a hoax.

Do you think this behavior is outdated or still valid?

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