Suits boyfriend Javier Arnaiz 2012

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March 6, 2012

The suits boyfriend Javier Arnaiz for 2012 are as varied as juvenile and innovative. This collection goes beyond what we usually see in suits and groom get to keep the formality and elegance while innovation in resources such as buttoning jackets, ties with colorful modern and very bright metallic suits.

This can be an ideal proposition for the modern couple. Do not miss it.


In psyched

It is my favorite. We’re used to seeing black suits on the runway and weddings but, is not our package can be white? The strength of this ‘look’ is that the tie is also white, and to propose a ’total look’ blank. The metallic detail is very original and unique.

An alternative option would also choose the brightness and metallic, but 100% black format. Here we may dare with a colorful tie or black bet on the total. The brightness can be the solution if you are looking for a unique suits.


On your wedding, the vest can be the protagonist. Go for the black and white if you want a very formal and sophisticated result. Of course, this option never fails once as formal as your own wedding.

Choose your two favorite colors

Black and white dress never fails, but fails … not try something new, such as combined white or black with a bright color. In this case, the shirt is white but we can always combine a purple dress with black … 100% or 100% white.Bet on the vest and tie the same intense color.


Glossy, metallic result, strong colors, colorful ties … and of course no shortage of pinstripes. Bet on them!

Slim Size Collection

Do not forget to check out the collection ‘Slim Size’ by Javier Arnaiz, is loaded with unique designs and attractive colors as formal as this.

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